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A major in journalism, she also has a degree in Social Anthropology at UCM. She has worked in a variety of communication enterprises and cultural management endeavors and also as a producer at companies such as GPS Comunicación, Mandarina Producciones and so on. She specializes in gender studies and audiovisual communication and has taken part in many seminars, talks and workshops as a lecturer. She made the directing team as a technical advisor for the Secretary of Culture from 2009 to 2012.


 At 18 he becomes an assistant director for Fernando Colomo PC  in several films. He has work as TV director for different production companies for La Sexta, Antena 3, Telemadrid, TVE and Telecinco, Spain’s main TV channels which he combined with directing video clips and promotional campaigns for agencies. He has been selected at the Berlinale Talent Campus as a director and has produced and directed four short films awarded atover 50 international festivals, and four documentary features. As a teacher he has been a collaborator of the IORTVE, the master’s degree in directing at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Fundación Autor institute for over 10 years.


 Journalist. Production degree in RTVE Academy.She started to work at the press office of a political party, while she was studying at college she was a broadcaster and content editor on radio and after that, she worked at the News Production Department  at Spanish public television (TVE-Torrespaña). She made programs like “Telediario 1”, “Semanal 24h” and “Parlamento”. She has produced several short films, music videos and webseries at RTVE Academy and now also writes scripts for short films and theater.



For us it is tension, curiosity and hard work. Having references and the ability to recombine them creating a new one. 
Ya hemos realizado campañas de apoyo para proyectos propios. Puedes ver un ejemplo de difusión en red aquí.
For us, content is form. Entertaining, getting the spectator involved and provoking in order to communicate ideas. 
Avoiding over-simplification, combining entertainment with an intellectual thirst to tackle contemporary issues..


Content — 100%
Versatility — 90%
Transmedia — 50%
Production — 50%

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