A group of film professionals ventured into a low-budget documentary on the subject of the Spanish history period known as the Transition called Sanfermines 78. Golem purchased it for a movie theater run: it got to be the second highest-grossing documentary of the year with around 25,000 spectators. Thanks to this success and the subsequent international sales, Smiz and Pixel was born as a production company in 2005.

Since that day, we have produced four short films, four documentary features awarded at more than 100 international festivals, broadcasted on different tv channels, Spanish academy preselected, and great acclaimed by critics and audience. We have produced supporting contents for several marketing campaigns on digital media.

Projects of our own

We are film producers out of both passion and necessity. We tackle contemporary issues avoiding any biased or simplistic approaches while combining entertainment, rigor and visual quality. 

Content productions

We come up with branded contents for corporations. We design every piece of audiovisual content for digital media campaigns and we are actively involved in the marketing creativity and strategy.


We have collaborated with some public institutions such as the Spanish Secretary of Health or agencies like Media Planning. Also music companies like Sony BMG, brands like Xtreme Snikers or companies like Fraternidad Muprespa.

Some Works

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