We have been producing films and content since 2005 both through our own projects and in collaboration with institutions and companies. Our films and documentaries deal with contemporary issues combining rigour, emotion and a political point of view. We deal with issues such as Art, culture, journalistic research, society and gender perspective. We have produced films in Morocco, Germany and Mexico, wherever there is a story worth telling.

Our work has been broadcast on television channels such as TVE, Canal Plus and Australian SBS. We have received aid from institutions such as ICAA, Junta de Extremadura, Casa Árabe and the Madrid regional government. Our films have received awards at more than 70 international festivals. We have also been part of the best short films listings according to ICAA, FNAC, Movistar Plus and Instituto Cervantes. We have also had rare reviews (Best 5 Spanish films in 2015 according to Fotogramas and Caiman Cuadernos de Cine) and box office success (second best-selling documentary in 2005). We have worked for more than 20 clients in the different formats we specialize in (mainly informational content that seeks to move and be thought-provoking).

We come from a background of films, teaching and research and we understand pictures as tools for collective transformation. We aim to improve our vision of the world through debates. That is the reason why there is a common thread in the issues we deal with, the way we deal with them and why we have created a line of business connected to teaching and training.


Projects of our own

We are film producers out of both passion and necessity. We tackle contemporary issues avoiding any biased or simplistic approaches while combining entertainment, rigor and visual quality. 

Content productions

We come up with branded contents for corporations. We design every piece of audiovisual content for digital media campaigns and we are actively involved in the marketing creativity and strategy.


We have collaborated with some public institutions such as the Spanish Secretary of Health or agencies like Media Planning. Also music companies like Sony BMG, brands like Xtreme Snikers or companies like Fraternidad Muprespa.

Some Works

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