CASO PENDIENTE. Documentary/2012


Years before the collapse of the financial system, in 2006, anti-corruption government attorney seized the companies Forum Filatélico and Afinsa under charges of fraud, money laundering and embezzlement of public funds. Up until that point Fórum Filatélico and Afinsa had been working for 25 years with no trouble. Six years later, the trial hasn’t gotten a date yet. This documentary tries to come close to the reality of that case through the eyes of the people who were involved and a number of experts, trying to shed some light on the matters unresolved and getting to an explanation on what really happened with the money lost by more than half a million people.

Cast: Francisco Briones (Ex-Presidente Fórum Filatélico), Manuel Conthe (Expresidente CNMV), Cristina Caballero (Periodista), Javier Maqueda (Economista, ex senador PNV), Juan Jimeno (Economista), Xabier Gil (Periodista), Miguel Ángel Blanco (Experto Filatélico), Julio Aranda (Abogado), Cristina Bella (Abogada), Ramírez Agulló (Experto filatélico), Ramón Gayé (Ex-Director de organización comercial Fórum Filatélico), Susi Alderete (Ex-comercial Fórum Filatélico), Daniel Montero (Periodista), Rafael Merino (PP), Alberto Fidalgo (PSOE), Jose Luís Pérez Rubio (IU)



Running time: 87 ´
Genre and Type: 2:35
Sound: Dolby SR
Script: Juan Gautier
Direction: Juan Gautier
Execute Production: Andrea Gautier y Juan Gautier
Production: Miguel Roca
Cinematography: Rober Montero
Sound: Roberto Fernández
Graphic Design: Iván Roíz. Kike Carbajal. Nino.
Editing: Juan Gautier
Music: Iván Ruíz Serrano
Documentation: Elena Goatelli
Category: Documentary



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