LAS NINFAS DEL CELULOIDE. Feature film/ 2020


8th of March 2017. All around the world, women mobilize against gender violence. In Mexico, a group of women reunite forty years later to tell their story. At the end of the seventies, they created the “Cine Mujer” collective and produced films during a 10 years period. A choral portrayal of a generation marked by the 1968 revolution and the 2nd wave of feminism: a generation that now witnesses how the issues they tackled in their documentaries 40 years ago still require urgent action.

Project selected in Cima Mentoring 2016, Madrid Film Window 2016, MIC’s Gender, Foro EGEDA Fipca, Lab special jury prize.

Running time: 90
Script: Andrea Gautier, Tabatta Salinas, Alba Pino
Direction: Andrea Gautier, Tabatta Salinas,
Category: Documentary

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