SANFERMINES 78. Documentary/2005


On July 8th 1978 the Sanfermines were interrupted by some events that shook Pamplona. During that year, negotiations over the Spanish Constitution were taking place and Navarra was going through strong political tensions derived from it potentially joining the Basque Country. Besides that, the actions of the extreme right, the workers’ movement advance, the ETA hits, the newly born political parties, and so on, would all become a jigsaw puzzle for the years to come. 25 years later, the people most prominently involved tell us how they remember those days in a collective portrait of the era, bringing us closer to the reality of those events

Shown in commercial theaters. 2005’s second highest-grossing documentary feature in Spain (24.000 spectators).


Primer Premio en el Festival Cadizdoc.
Sección Oficial de Documentales del
Festival de Málaga.

Issued in ETB y TVE

sanfermines 783

Running time: 73
Genre and Type: hd
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Script: Juan Gautier, José Ánge Jiménez
Direction: Juan Gautier, José Ánge Jiménez
Execute Production: José Ánge Jiménez
Production: Pedro Pedrosa
Cinematography: Rober Montero
Sound: Alvaro Gómez
Graphic Design: Kike Carbajal
Editing: Carlos Otero
Music: Roberto Fernández
Category: Documentary



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