TANGER GOOL. Feature film/ 2015


Fatima works at a small Bir Chifa community teaching local women how to organize and fight for social improvements. She meets the Strait Gazelles, a female football team based in Tangiers. With just a few supporters, the team survives thanks to the passion and the financial struggle of all the girls. During dinner with some friends they come up with an idea to help them: planning a football match against a European team as a means to give them visibility, supporting female football and creating a bridge between cultures.


Running time: 80´
Genre and Type: HD
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Script: Juan Gautier
Direction: Juan Gautier
Execute Production: Andrea Gautier
Production: Andrea Gautier, Juan Gautier
Cinematography: Rober Montero
Sound: Roberto Fernández
Editing: Juan Gautier, Berta Frías
Music: Cirilo Fernández
Documentation: Juan Gautier
Category: Documentary, Fiction



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