Young European Cinema on the Move is a social and cultural project at European level, aimed at fostering public discussion and debate around the idea of Europe, while promoting the engagement of citizens in the EU decision-making process.

The project main events take place in Rome (Italy), Ciutadella de Menorca (Spain), Ston and Dubrovnik (Croatia), between March and September 2014.

The project engages citizens and civil society of each location in a public discussion about the future of Europe and its institutions. It consists of the following activities: film cycles, audiovisual workshops and public debates with representatives of European institutions.

The project starts off, in each venue, with an audiovisual workshop for local children and young adults, aged 14 to 20 years old. The workshop will include the production of a short film, in which students will reflect their concerns and thoughts about one of the most significant values for Europe’s future. The screening of the short films and the feature film at the closing session of the project will help trigger the debate with representatives of the European institutions. We are grateful to the students for their commitment with the objectives of the project.


Category: Education

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